Our People / Juan Gaytan, Jr.

Juan Gaytan, Jr.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Since founding Monterrey Security in 1999, Juan Gaytan has overseen the company’s growth and expansion to become one of the leading security companies in the nation.

About Juan Gaytan, Jr.

With a focus on innovation, exceptional customer service, specialized training and top-level project management, Monterrey has been trusted to secure international and high-risk events, while also providing detail services for world leaders.

Still, he has ensured that Monterrey Security’s local focus remains strong, both in work with neighborhood businesses and support for community organizations.

A former member of the Chicago Police Department, Juan built the foundation for the security and service techniques Monterrey Security staff employ every day. He has built the company around an operating philosophy of protection, prevention and service, believing that the best protection comes through prevention.

He has also taken steps to ensure that foundation includes a strong focus on guest services, as that can not only provide for a better customer experience, but also enhance the security environment.

Under Juan’s leadership, Monterrey Security has received numerous awards, including Hispanic Business Magazine’s list of 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S., and has earned the trust of operators of National Football League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and NCAA stadiums and arenas, as well as dozens of cultural institutions, music festivals, small businesses and banks.

In addition to his duties of independently controlling all management, policies and business operations, Juan leads all civic and philanthropic efforts for the company. He is a member of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic American Construction Industry Association and the International Association of Assembly Managers.

Growth and Giving Back

I am proud of our incredible growth over the last two decades, but I am just as proud that we have remained strongly rooted in our community by giving back and creating opportunities for others.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Juan Gaytan, Jr.